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Hi.. I'm Matthew and I've been reading tarot cards for over 35 years.

A QUICK BRIEF: As a child I was contacted in spirit form by my fathers mother who on her passing informed me of her death in England. I'd never meet my grandmother in physical form but I described her to my parents who understood the message and within three days received A TELEGRAM of her passing.

Due to her vision, I have always understood that we are all protected and have many loved ones looking after us.

As I grew up, (still doing that BTW :-) I was gifted with a knowledge of 'past life’s and was always interested in clairvoyance. My mother and my grandmother were saved during WWII by a clairvoyant who informed them that their house in England would be bombed and gave them the date etc. Fortunately for me, they took her advice and even though they lost everything they were still alive. I knew my mother during this time but was killed and would later be reincarnated as her son.

In my early twenties I did several 'Life Courses' first one being a course called 'Alpha Dynamics' which increased my knowledge on the ability of the mind. I then did another course several years later suggested by my girlfriend at the time called 'The Turning Point'. It lived up to its name and during the course I was in the middle of doing a rebirthing meditation and had an 'Outer Body experience' which lasted 7 hours. The facilitators at the time were brilliant and allowed me to be in the trace without disturbing me. During my outer body experience, I was shown many things one of which was being a Buddhist monk. Ironically it was many years later that this vision indeed came true and I spent 6 years in Burma (Myanmar) three of which I spent as a monk. Over the years I've had the pleasure of meeting many gifted gifted psychic's and readers which is what lead me into reading tarot cards myself.

When you have the pleasure of meeting a gifted reader, they affect you deeply on a profound level and you always feel blessed by the wisdom they impart allowing you to see and understand more. We often meet people, but when you have the honour and time to give a person a read ‘it's like looking at a book, you can judge the cover but when you read the book you have a far better understanding of the person’. I must admit, I love doing tarot readings, and see it as a gift.

Its never been my intention to do readings as a living, because you can't put a price on gifts from the spirit. Obviously like all people we have to deal with the necessary things in life so I trust in person I'm reading for to honour the experience accordingly. I therefore prefer to do readings on a donation bases. My reading usually take 90 minutes, I don't like to speed read, and prefer to take my time getting to know the person, so we can fine tune what they need to work on. Also, when I read, I don't go into too much details if the cards are good (it's like spoiling a surprise party) so I tend to always focus on things that may be seen in negative light or things that can be avoided. I also like to do a numerology reading at the same time, so if you can include your details when requesting a read, that will also allow me to add further insights into your life's purpose.

Nothing in life is written in stone other than death itself. So, with insight like my mother who avoided her death in WWII the purpose of a reading is to avoid the pitfalls. If, however, the circumstance is for your highest good, then your own spirit, will guide you, for the insights your soul needs for its highest understanding.

I recommend that you record my readings because you can reflect back and understand things with more hindsight. Having a record of the spreads helps you to visualize the desired outcome and allows you to see where you are on your journey. You can see the multidimensional aspects of your journey.

How to arrange a reading and can you do readings for couples?

Best to email me so we can arrange a time. Keep in mind when booking for a reading that your reading could take over 90 minutes.

Readings are always best done in person so if you live on the Sunshine Coast we can arrange a personal get together.

I can also do bulk readings when there is a group get-together or for bands or business teams.

Yes.. I can do remote readings via video and love to do couple/partner reads which help both parties see what their combined journey entails.

We all go through periods when ‘we can't see the trees for the forest’. It's times like this, that a tarot reading can assist you, to navigate through life, and give you the conformation that you need to get back on track. With my unique multi-dimensional spreads and this wonderful tarot deck, it allows a person to see their dreams easily. The 'ole saying a picture speaks a thousand words' is very true.

That's the reason I love using the 'Mythic Tarot Deck' because many people don't know much about tarot, so they can't always relate to the cards. With this deck the art speaks for itself and many of the people I have read for over the years feel the same way. This deck doesn't intimidate the seeker and at the end of the day it's the seeker who needs to feel at ease.

I am, and I know from the feedback from others that I am a gifted tarot reader. I love to help people understand their dreams and aspirations. Using the tarot is a great way to help YOU SEE what you’re creating.

On a Personal note, I hope they reprint this exact deck because in my opinion it's one of the best Tarot decks ever made. The newer version of this deck changed the artistry, and lost something in the process.

Information Source: Mythic Tarot Deck
[published in 1986 by Juliet Sharman-Burke and Liz Greene and Illustrated by Tricia Newell (not the New Mythic Tarot)]


Email me to book a reading!

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